There is no aspect of photography more challenging or rewarding than capturing the spirit of someone and their natural expression, especially when they’re surrounded by the ones they love. Weddings put that authenticity on full display. From love drenched glances shared as vows are spoken to buoyant laughter between family and friends, and even the occasional gorgeous ugly cry of joy. There is so much inspiration found in the loving nature of people and bringing those details together to tell the immense story of a wedding day feels new every time.


My name is Yvon and I am a photographer living in Montreal, Quebec. I speak English, French and some Vietnamese. My favorite subject to capture in camera has always been people. People inspire awe simply through what they do, their being and how they do the little things.

My style of photography is a mix of candid moments and naturally posed pictures. I direct portraits creatively with a focus on fun and natural emotions. The expression of a subject's face plays such a huge part in portraiture and it can easily make or break a photo. As such, I always try my best to put my clients at ease and feel comfortable.

Everybody has this "super star" shot in them. It is sometimes harder to pull it out in some people than others but  I feel like there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying as a photographer when you capture it. 

I do other types of photography as well. Check out my main website: https://www.yvonphoto.com/


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